Andreas G. Ibsen, Interaction Designer

I help create & improve digital user experiences

—Because happy users help product owners reach their goals

Comic strip - picture 1: Hard-to-use User Interface
Comic strip - picture 2: Applying User Experience Design principles
Comic strip - picture 3: Resulting Easy-to-use User Interface

Comic created by Andreas G. Ibsen using only Balsamiq Mockups

How I help improve websites and mobile & desktop apps

Communicate with stakeholders including product owners, programmers, management, sales to make sure everyone is on the same page

Talk to and observe users in their own environment to understand user behaviour and needs

Investigate best practices and alternate or competing solutions to reach the best possible site or app solution

Take into account the broader context to make sure the site or app solves the right problem

Brainstorm and workshop-create ideas and concepts to gain vital insights

Design, sketch, wireframe and prototype content, user flows and interfaces to find out how the site or app should work

Review, benchmark and user test to ensure goals are met in terms of conversion and user satisfaction

Hi, I'm Andreas G. Ibsen

Portrait of Andreas G. Ibsen

MSc in Informatics (Human Computer Interaction) from Aalborg University. See resume.

Want to say hi? Don't hesitate to contact me.

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