Andreas G. Ibsen, Interaction Designer

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Case: Redesigning table editor

An editor to create and edit (HTML) tables in Tangora CMS.


Table editor before


Table editor after


  • While full-time User Interface Designer at Tangora Software (vendor of web content management solutions)
  • 2011

My contribution included

  • Design exploration and concepts
  • Static and click-through mockups
  • Icon design and other graphics
  • Assistance on detailed design
  • Quality assurance

Solution benefits

  • Much richer table editing compared to the competition
  • Is and feels easy to use not least due to the large (touch) friendly buttons
  • Quick access to frequently used settings (e.g. colours)
  • Fun interaction with instant feedback (e.g. click button to get borders and lattice)
  • A more visual, human (rather than technical) interface with illustrative icons

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