Andreas G. Ibsen, Interaction Designer

About Andreas G. Ibsen – and User Experience & Interaction Design


Work experience



Interaction Designer

@ Capevo (provider of digital self-service solutions)

  • Interaction Design

18 months

User Interface Designer

@ Tangora Software (content management systems vendor)

  • Facilitating design processes
  • Exploring and analyzing interaction design problems
  • Creating and (user) testing user interface concepts, mockups and graphics (web & iPhone/iOS) using e.g. Balsamiq Mockups, Adobe Fireworks and HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Introducing novel user interface concepts and designs
  • Performing in-house user interface consultancy and quality assurance

1.5 months

Technical Writer and Web Developer

@ Logimatic Mobile Solutions (construction industry apps)

  • Designing and coding new feature for their ASP.NET web user interface
  • Updating and improving user manuals for mobile apps

5 months

Concept Developer / Web Designer of – project

@ Aalborg University (as my employer)

  • Consulting stakeholders
  • Developing website concept
  • Improving information architecture
  • Writing copy
  • Creating slideshow and graphics

19 months

Responsible for Student Surveys

@ Aalborg University (as my employer)

  • Creating online surveys using SurveyXact
  • Compiling and editing survey reports

21 months

Writer and Webmaster – voluntary work

@ Agenda student magazine

  • Writing features for printed version (5.000 copies per edition)
  • Giving editorial input and helping in concept development
  • Improving the magazine's WordPress website
  • Curating online content



2 years

Master of Science in Informatics (Human Computer Interaction)

@ Aalborg University

  • Master’s thesis with fellow student entitled "Supporting Different Platform User Interface Adaptation"
  • Media strategy development
  • Organizational analysis
  • An elaboration on the topics from the bachelor

3 years

Bachelor of Science in Informatics (Human Computer Interaction)

@ Aalborg University

  • Interaction design, that is, analyzing, evaluating, understanding and executing the attributes of useful, effective and gratifying interactive systems
  • Human communication studies, e.g. interpersonal communication and organization theory
  • Usability evaluation in the laboratory and in the field
  • Programming and implementation: Object-oriented analysis and design, database and network theory, algorithmics, C, C#, Windows Forms, WPF
  • Concept creation, development and user testing of systems, e.g. a literature management app, edutainment and a new way to experience the city through interactive storytelling (download pdf via link below)

User Experience and Interaction Design

User Experience (UX) Design: About people's experiences when using products. And how to improve these experiences by taking key contextual factors into account during product design.

Interaction Design: Designing how people and products, well, interact. Metaphorically speaking, it is about "choreographing" the "dance" between human and product.

Imagine the product (e.g. a piece of software) to the human user:

"Okay, I saw you doing that step, then I do this step, so I can help you put on a great show"

Interaction design is about asking and answering questions such as: "We're designing this website selling books. The visitor wants to put a book in his/her online shopping basket. How should that action take place?"

My job as User Experience and Interaction Designer is to:

  1. Get to know user and business needs
  2. Use this knowledge to design the product in such a way as to increase the likelihood of providing a positive experience to users

In other words, my passion is to create user interfaces that make people happy, not frustrated, thus turning them into satisfied and returning customers, that spread the word of their product approval.

My design thinking

In my view, great software (user interfaces) should

  • Offer real value by helping actual people solve the right problems
  • Feel simple and elegant yet provide easily manageable super powers
  • Be engaging and rewarding to use
  • Rely on (user) research and convention while not refraining from exploring better ways
  • Help reach business goals while doing no harm to the user


Get to know more about my design thinking and how I work:

Cases presenting some of my work

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