Andreas G. Ibsen, Interaction Designer

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Case: Designing CMS start page

A brand new page helping users of Tangora CMS getting started.

Grid-based design

CMS start page grid-based design

User customized view

CMS start page user customized view


  • While full-time User Interface Designer at Tangora Software (vendor of web content management solutions)
  • 2012

My contribution included

  • Design exploration and concepts
  • Static mockups
  • Functional mockups in HTML/CSS/JavaScript and Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Icon design and other graphics
  • Quality assurance

Solution benefits

  • Quick access to recent edits, news and learning material
  • Content take center stage while user interface steps in the background
  • Easy customization by hiding and showing widgets
  • Consistent interaction across widgets (scrolling)
  • Click white star icons to add shortcuts, click again to edit/remove shortcuts

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